The power of the Gospel!


This week I had the privilege of sitting across the table from a precious college girl who told me how she decided to follow Jesus with her life last week.

To be honest, I was expecting some story of friends sharing the gospel again and her finally accepting truth but that is not what I heard.

She was bored, picked up a Bible to see what it said about a particular sin issue she was dealing with, read the truth and realized she wanted Jesus more than her sin.

WHAT?!?! How wonderful is the truth that the Word of God is living and active!

Too often, I forget the power of the Word and I think that somehow you and I have to be a part of the equation.

Now, she did go to some friends who are strong believers, talked through things, and is in a Bible study and being disciple by them.

But do we realize the POWER in the Word of God?

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