Men and Women of Integrity

Going away to college has been seen as a rite as passage and one of those bridges you cross on the way to adulthood.

Do our incoming freshmen really understand what this bridge, this rite of passage, holds for them? Each year ask students to grow up, to make wise choices, and to be men and women of integrity. That’s a really high expectation for any one and especially an 18 year old.

With one step onto the bridge of emerging adulthood they are stepping into a world where they make decisions, are responsible, and are held accountable. Many aspects of college life won’t allow parents to handle their business, take care of issues, or in some cases have a voice at all.  Students are hurdled into a world with new expectations.

Men and women of integrity and wisdom… as college ministers that is our desire for each student we encounter. How do we accomplish this goal?

1) Help them make wise decisions – not by making the decisions for them but by walking with them and being a sounding board who happens to ask a lot questions.

2) Point them to Scripture as they wrestle with issues – not by handing them the answers. We won’t always be with them so they need to know how to dig through scripture and find answers on their own.

3) Set the bar of expectation higher than it has been and give them to tools to reach it – don’t set the bar low and cheer when they meet a menial expectation.

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