Single in Ministry


One of the things I have learned over the years as a single woman in ministry is that I need THOSE friends. Those friends who let you join family dinner at moment’s notice because you just need to play super heroes and pretend for a little while after a crazy week. Those friends who simply walk with you to a meeting because you are so nervous and know that you might run in the opposite direction if given a chance. Those friends who do the crazy things like 10ks on a moment’s notice or who drop everything for coffee when you call.

Being single and in ministry is not burden when you have THOSE friends in your life. Finding those friends can be difficult in new seasons and new locations however, God is always faithful to provide them. They may be in town or over the phone, conversations may come over a cup of coffee or through facetime. He knows we need community and chosen family to lean on!

Who’s your chosen family? Who are THOSE friends for you? If you don’t have them or can’t think of who those people may be, would you pray for the Lord to show you who they are and who they could be? He WILL provide, even in the most unlikely places!

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