Mentoring Part 2: Who is a Mentor?

CLC funny

(These crazy kids are amazing and as goofy as we might look they are awesome mentors to MC freshmen!)

Who is a mentor?

Someone who is willing to walk life with another person in a safe way while helping them become more like Jesus through celebrating the successes and working through the failures.

Mentors are available to live life with the person they are mentoring which means inviting them into your world and letting them see the good, the bad, and the ugly. A mentor is also transparent with their life. Not oversharing but finding the balance or rhythm of allowing someone else into their life to learn and grow. Part of that process means that a mentor is also a guardian who is interceding and fighting the battles (spiritually and earthly) with the mentee. Going to the Father on their behalf and walking through the tough times, which means the mentor must be growing in their relationship with Jesus. Finally, a mentor is reproducible because they are simply pointing others to Christ which in turns produces other mentors who follow Christ and point others along the same journey.

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