The Process of Mentoring

1482806_10151761643077680_57344179_n[1]This is a precious college woman I was able to walk life and see her come into a beautiful relationship with Christ!

Mentoring: Part 1

I’m often asked how to mentor someone, for instance, how to start and how to be successful as a mentor. I don’t have all the answers by any means but I can give you a few of the things that I have found to work.

  1. Be praying about who to mentor. Ask the Lord to be working in both of your lives and be prepared when someone asks you or the Spirit prompts you to ask someone. However, just because someone asks you to mentor them does not mean you have to say yes.
  2. Set expectations. Go to coffee or have a meal but just set aside some time to discuss mentoring and each other’s expectations. Spend some time sorting through the expectations of time, location, confidentially, and what the “ideal” relationship would be. Then set up a realistic picture of what you both can expect.
  3. Spend quality time together. This could be over meals, coffee, running errands, road trips, working out, or simply hanging out. No matter what you are doing spend some of the time sharing. As the mentor ask questions about their spiritual walk such as what is God teaching you? What have you been reading and dealing with in your time with the Lord? How has God been stretching you? Be intentional while spending time together.
  4. Invest in each other. Learn to love or at least value what is important to the other person. If they love acting, go to their plays. If they are an athlete go to their games. If they love to watch movies, watch movies together. As you invest in each other your relationships will grow as well as the level of trust and accountability.
  5. Live life together. Really three and four could go under this one, so just live life together. We see that Jesus did life with his disciples, day in and day out. What if we really did that? Some of the best mentoring relationships have happened when girls lived with me or at least were in and out of the house multiple times a week.
  6. Celebrate the end of your time together. When the natural divide comes or a transition that makes regular meeting and regular life on life together end, celebrate. That may sound crazy but it will bring great closure for you both. This will allow you both to move on while staying connected in some ways.

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