Mentoring Part 3: Who do we Mentor?


A mentee (that’s a really strange word but the best one I have) needs to be willing to participate, open to change, and seeing after God. In order to help someone move closer to God they have to be willing to participate in the process of growth otherwise mentoring becomes a waste of time or just a fun friendship. They also have to be open to change, growth, and new experiences.  Finally, they need to be seeking God in order for spiritual mentoring to take place.

For the last few years I have talked about doing a half marathon before turning 35… I turned 35 six months ago. The problem wasn’t new shoes, people to ask how I was doing, the lack of a plan, or anything like that. The problem was me. I didn’t really want it bad enough to train every day, to work for it, to change my daily routine, and deal with the blisters that would come from hard work. I would have been a horrible marathon mentee!

A desire for growth and change has to be evident in the life of the mentee for the process to work and for godly transformation to take place.

More than anything, both the mentor and mentee have to be growing in Christ and relying on the work of the Spirit. Mentoring isn’t about us and doesn’t come from us; it is all about the Lord!

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