Salt, Light, and God’s Glory

Last week I was privileged to “do life” with 2 precious college girls. In both conversations, we talked about the work the Holy Spirit was doing in their lives. One had a major life choice she was struggling with and the other had a project she needed to change to honor God. Both girls were struggling with wanting God’s will and glory in their lives but worrying about what people would say or do in response.

I was honored to be a part of these conversations! Through the hours spent with the girls, I saw the work of God in their lives. Both have been striving to be more like God in their daily lives and were growing greatly but they both hit a wall. It was not easy for either of them to make the hard decisions that in some way were going to upset other people in their lives. However, on the other end of situations both were so excited about God did! I saw God bring them to a better place and pour out blessings in their lives they would not have experienced if they please people over of God.

Instead, these girls are able to be salt and light in their worlds. They be called “different” or even “weird” but still, they are brining glory to the Lord! In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus is talking about salt being salty and light giving light to dark places when he says “In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in haven (Matt 5:16 NIV).”

I could not have been more proud of these girls and their decisions to be salt and light to those around them. This challenge has come to my heart, am I willing to be salt and light in my world? The question then becomes, will each of us choose to please God more than man? Will we decide to bring glory to the Father more than glory to ourselves?

The girls did not make these decisions lightly, there were tears, worry, fear, contemplation, and many hours of prayer. May each of us, who declare Jesus as our Lord, be found in this place where we allow God to grow us in such ways that he receives the glory and people around us are pointed towards him!

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