Eyeliner Lessons

moms eyeliner

I mean… look at her eyes POP!


I never thought eyeliner would make me cry, but this week it has.

While getting ready for work this week– drinking my coffee, drying my hair, and putting on my makeup– I was taken back to the day when a sweet friend brought mom a tube of mascara while she was in the hospital. Mom beamed at the thought of this friend thinking of something so small and making sure mom’s eyes would POP like they always had. But mom had also started chemo, and soon she would lose her eye lashes. There would be no use for the mascara.

I will never forget the day we FaceTimed and mom didn’t know how to make her eyes POP without lashes. A week later when I came home I brought eyeliner. We had lessons on how to apply it and how to get clean lines that made her eyes POP. We laughed so much over eyeliner!

Through the ups and downs of mom’s illness she always wanted her makeup on in the morning. She had always raised us to shower, put on clean clothes, and get ready for the day no matter what. So, no matter how she felt, mom wanted to be wearing clean clothes (or just clean pajamas), to do her hair or put on a hat, and get her makeup on everyday. We knew when a day was really bad because she never got the makeup out of her basket.

You know something? Mom was always ready to see people and engage in their lives. She was ever-ready to come alongside and show someone Jesus. For her, that started by getting ready and making her eyes POP every morning!

And so crying over eyeliner has me thinking…

Am I always ready? Do I look the part (clean clothes and halfway put together)? Am I of sound mind and rested? Do I have margins in life to walk with people? Have I spent time with the Lord to have Life and Truth to share?

Mom taught me so many things, and I never realized until recently that getting ready for the day meant so much more to her than simply being dressed. It meant being prepared to meet the needs of those she loved most, and those she would meet along the way.

1 thought on “Eyeliner Lessons

  1. So true 😃 She got so many ready, and you had been trained sense you were a baby. She was so proud of you and she got you ready for life and sharing God’s Love ❤️ ———
    Much is given…….. Much is expected………. That’s what I keep hearing her say to me 💕💕💕

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