cancer – Parties and Anniversaries

IMG_8926A year ago yesterday mom decided to fight the cancer that was eating her body. A year ago the EMTs arrived in her hospital room with a stretcher and waited for her to make a decision. Mom was tired and didn’t want talk much less move as the morning began. The radiation team was waiting two blocks away to begin the mapping process to kill Tawanda (the tumor near the top of mom’s right leg). I was a mess inside but doing my best to stay strong on the outside and didn’t know what to do when mom refused to respond. My aunt leaned in and asked if she wanted to fight or just let it be and moms eyes sprang open and she said with fierce determination “I want to fight!”
Everything changed that day… she fought and has continued to fight each step of the way! God has been our source of hope, strength, and fight!
That was a day – a day where God’s mercies were new in the morning and we saw new hope in mom eyes! Please, please, hear our hearts – if this was the anniversary of mom physical death God would still would have been our hope, strength, and fight. Mom is not more loved, more prayed for, or more holy resulting in an earthly healing. But mom is about God’s business and about extended His love and grace to everyone she meets. She has not taken this year for granted. May we not take one day or one relationship for granted either. May each of us be about His business!!!
And as a girl who love a party, confetti, and good cake… it’s time to celebrate!

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