cancer – Why the Ovarian Cycle???


[Anniversaries are coming so brain is thinking…]

I’m not the kid who normally jumps into research initiatives or tries to raise money for various issues. However, the Ovarian Cycle event is something I saw last year and so wanted to participate in because it would give me something tangible to do to fight Ovarian cancer – mom’s cancer. Last year in September we were preparing for mom to die and I didn’t want any other family to go through what we had. At that time all my days away from work were being used to take care of mom not ride a spin bike for research purposes.

A year later and mom is still here, still loving people, still walking them through their grief, still perplexing the doctors, and still proclaiming the love of God. Also, she still has ovarian cancer… other families (and maybe one day mine again) will walk the road from diagnosis to treatment. Could my 45 mins on a spin bike make that much of a difference? Maybe and maybe not. But I do know that whatever money is raised goes to research, research helps develop treatment, research may even bring cure to this monster.

So, normally I would never ask for help with raising money for something other than a mission trip or a gospel related issue but today I am. Today I am asking for some of you, those who can, to give so other families may be spared our experience.

We know that God has had His hand in every step of our last year. He knew about the cancer before we did. He went before each of us as we functioned and stayed about His business. He was present for every PET scan, every result, every doctors appointment, every chemo treatment, every ambulance ride, and every home visit from a nurse, and so so so much more. God has such a plan and I know that my riding and having something tangible to do in response to this past year He will use as well.

If you would like to give click on this link!

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