God is Still Good and is Still Faithful


So, we waited…
Today we waited for doctors, for appointments, and for results. The results showed a small spot on the dome of mom’s uterus and yet also a steady tumor marker was indicated. This was confusing news at first that was made clearer with every question we asked.

The final take away is that there is a spot that lit up on the PET scan but it may or may not be cancer, we will not be doing surgery because chemo is complete and mom has already had radiation, also they will monitor the activity that has  appeared.

This is not the news that we necessarily wanted today but still it is not bad news. We have a new doctor that we LOVE who will work closely with our current oncologist who has been wonderful!

You know, I have struggled each and every time I have told someone how faithful and good God has been through this all – I’ve struggled because the reality is that God is good and God is faithful no matter the outcome of today – no matter the needs of this day or the news in six years.

God IS faithful and God IS good no matter our circumstances!!! That is what we cling to this afternoon – this is what we clung to in the hospital and with the all clear scan in November. I pray, that this is what we will hold onto with each and every obstacle that comes in life.

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