cancer – The Timeline has Changed

imageThree weeks to three months… mid-September to Halloween or maybe as late as the day after Thanksgiving… This was the diagnosis. This was the time line our family was functioning on.
My thoughts had shifted to planning what could be our last family vacation and last Thanksgiving. We already had plans to shine the silver, bring out the fine china, and drink from the crystal goblets – we were going to celebrate because we were believing God for a miracle and were going to make the most of each day and especially moments of celebration!
Then this week happened.
Monday morning mom had a new PET scan – she was radioactive (or so I told her!). After the scan we had brunch and an adventure with my sister-in-law and all baby girls. Trying our best to be distracted… I was an anxious mess but mom was at total peace. In her words “no matter what the test shows it’s a win/win.”
Tuesday morning brought a round of chemo before meeting with the doctor for the results.
It was time… the clock could not have ticked by slower as mom, my aunt, my bother, and I waited… Then he said, “There is no sign of cancer in your body. The scan shows nothing.” Mom and I both teared up and we were all in shock – and the doctor was wearing a soft smile while we took it all in.
As the appointment continued my aunt asked for copies of the scans so we (and others) would know we weren’t crazy, I cried, mom just beamed, and Blake asked if the doctor was surprised. Yes, yes he was. “All I can tell you is that she responded very well to the treatment,” he told us. Mom softly said, “It’s Jesus.”
It is Jesus!
Y’all, I am still having trouble shifting gears from mom probably won’t be here at Christmas to she is healed. My brain and heart struggle to understand… Yet, I know God can heal and I know He has! I do not understand the ways of God. I don’t understand why mom has been healed and not someone else… I am praising God for healing mom and am so humbled to have a front row seat for all that He is doing through this season in our lives.
Here is the thing, many many of you get to be right on the edge and right in the middle of the miracle too. So many people have prayed with us and walked with us through each step and without you we might not be in the place of celebration. As my aunt Pam has said, “The saints have been storming the gates” with prayer on mom’s behalf. You may not have been with us in the doctor’s office but you have been with us at the Throne of God.
When I look through the book of Luke (remember Luke was a doctor) and see the times Jesus healed, I read that some were healed as a result of their faith and others were healed so Jesus could teach those who are watching and who would hear. Some people are told to tell about their healing and others are told to stay quiet but in each moment there is a response from the crowd and most of those who were healed are told to “go in peace.”
Why would Jesus tell them, instruct them, to go in peace? From the place I am sitting in 2016, my best guess, is because their world just got turned upside down. The blind had never seen, the lame didn’t know how to walk through a crowd, the demon possessed were finally alone with themselves… Life had changed and they needed peace to learn the new normal.
Our lives will never be the same. We have grieved, we have cried, we have laughed, we have submitted to the will of the Father in ways like never before. Now we will do our best to live in the peace only given by Jesus, The Prince of Peace, The Great I Am, Emmanuel, God With Us. PRAISES and THANKSGIVING to the Living God!

6 thoughts on “cancer – The Timeline has Changed

  1. There are no words to express the joy this brings me. Prayer does work and you both are such true disciples. God has much greater plans! Praise God for this miracle!

  2. Congratulations to your Mom and your whole family. So happy for all of you. You are absolutely correct when you say, Praise the Lord.He is wonderful.

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