cancer – Extravagant Love

Have you ever thought about how you say “thank you?” I mean yes, there are the words that can be written or spoken – but how do you best express a “thank you.” Over the past seven weeks I feel like I’ve said those words so many times that they can seem empty at times. When someone brings a meal, stops by to say “hello,” sends a cards, takes time to call or text, gives money to the “travel fund,” reminds us of a book we need, etc….

One set of people that we couldn’t thank enough were the hospital staff. Y’all, they were phenomenal!!!  From coming each time we pressed the call button, to taking the little girls to the “snack room” for pudding and soda, to cleaning the floor and changing the beds, to getting mom on and off the stretcher and in and out of the ambulance they were willing and helpful each step of the way.

I get that it’s their job and all of that but still they didn’t have to be nice. And one guy wasn’t… he was having a bad day and unfortunately he was the one putting in the PICC line… but still that line went in and mom got life giving medicine through it.

Our challenge became saying thank you to all the nurses, techs, doctors, social workers, etc.

Everyone in our family went about this differently. I just wanted to talk and get to know them – if you know me well, you know I really wanted to bake something for them but I wasn’t going to leave mom long enough to mix and bake anything. Mom wanted to know their hearts and with ease moved to spiritual conversations. My aunt doted over them and brought happies at shift change ever few days.

Then there was the day my brother was coming to visit early in the day and we asked him to bring doughnuts, thinking he would drive through somewhere and bring something rather simple and basic. But this is my brother who decided that drive through doughnuts weren’t enough for the people who had cared for our mom. He went to the Doughnut Factory in Tampa where they created beautiful gourmet mini doughnuts while he waited.  They were super fresh, super fancy, and super yummy.

When Blake brought that box of mini’s to the nurse’s station they were amazed and talked about them all day! Where the rest of us were saying “thank you” and bringing treats and doing good things, my brother went above and beyond to show his appreciation.

Reality is that we can’t take mini gourmet doughnuts to everyone who has loved on us but we can be extravagant in our thanks. We can pause a little longer, hug a little tighter, and continue to say “thank you” each and every time. This is the way God loves each of us – extravagantly! Oh, how He loves us!!! He has given His Son to die the death we deserve, to take our place for the sin in our lives, to provide a way to the Father.

God, so, wants to love us but sin – all the things we do against God that separate us from Him – has broken that relationship. Trusting in Jesus, allowing Him to be the CEO of your life is the way to restore that relationship. Can I tell you that I would not have survived this journey without the Lord. He has been my peace, my sanity, the way I can love others in all my pain, the way I can sleep at night, the way I can put one foot in front of the other. Without my relationship with God, without His extravagant love being poured out through His Spirit and through His people I would simple be a bitter woman who hated everyone and everything, who sat hopelessly in the corner. If you don’t know Jesus, mom and I both would LOVE to introduce you! His extravagant love is waiting for each of us!


1 thought on “cancer – Extravagant Love

  1. Thank you for sharing, I’m not surprised that Triss is ministering in the hospital while being cared for, how fortunate for all those nurses, aides and techs that God has placed her among them to bring the gift of love and forgiveness. Blessings to all love, Janet Baker

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