cancer – Morning Sing-a-Longs

coffee     Growing up we took long road trips with lots of people and one of the main forms of entertainment were “camp songs.” These were crazy songs that make no sense but we love them anyway. There’s one about Mountain Dew, Lysol soap, blind mice playing with dice, and then one that tells Bible stories in the most unusual ways.

Why am I telling you about camp songs? Well, no matter what kind of morning mom was having she would always join in a little sing-a-long! Sometimes it was only a word here or there and other times it was a full on belly laugh after she had drowned out the rest of us. Camp songs are familiar, for us these songs are like putting on your favorite soft clothes and snuggling under a blanket with rich hot chocolate. We love these songs…

Right before I got home to see mom the first time I had been speaking at a retreat where the theme was “celebrate” and the focus passage was the book of Zephaniah. (Y’all, that was the most difficult retreat to lead with that theme while mom was lying in a hospital bed…) The book of Zephaniah is about how God’s people had turned away from Him but then chapter three comes and the prophet begins to describe a time when God, the Great Warrior, will be in their midst and how He will sing over them a joyful song and the people will celebrate because the battle is over, fear is gone, and it is time for a party.

As we sang camp songs I was reminded of how safe, peaceful, and sweet it is when I remember that My Daddy is rejoicing over me, He is spinning around over me, taking great delight in me as His child – not just me ALL of His children. Morning sing-a-longs were a mini version of a grand celebration that is coming when God returns and establishes His Kingdom. What a party that will be! What a day of celebration! Let us sing so our hearts are reminded of our Good Good Father who is rejoicing over His children.

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