Abortion Tips and Jesus


I recently read an article giving tips for a woman’s first abortion. This article broke my heart and yet gave me a glimmer of insight for those precious conversations when abortion, adoption, and parenting are being considered.

Now, I’m not an expert and these aren’t conversations I long to have, however, I have seen the Lord redeem, renew, and restore from such difficult conversations about the life of an unborn child.

When I had a chance to discuss the article with some folks and the Lord continued to bring a few questions to my heart. “Am I ready to love the precious woman who asks what I think about abortion – no matter what she decides?’ “Am I ready and willing to give a reason for my beliefs?” “Am I in places and have relationships with people who would consider abortion?”

These questions push me to see outside my circle of Christian friends who think and act like I do. These questions make me look at my life and see if there are people who don’t know Jesus, who don’t choose to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in their lives, and honestly consider if people see me as someone they can be vulnerable with about personal views and opinions.

In college ministry it can be easy to get enveloped in a bubble of people pursing the Lord and talking about God-things, yet our call is the lost, lonely, hurt, abandoned, and those in need of the Savior. We should be having these conversations regularly and while doing so be open to how someone else might think, feel, and view the world.

So, are we around people who think and act differently than us? Are we safe for people to open up around? Are we ready to share about Jesus and why we love Him in a loving way?


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