The Priority of Ministry

Where does ministry land in your list of priorities? When you look at: God, ministry, sleep, family, community, church, time off, time alone with Jesus, friendships, hobbies, entertainment, etc… When all of these things are lined up in your mind what order do they fall into?

If we are honest we probably get them in some crazy order and some days in college ministry sleep has to be one of the top three priorities.

If you’re like me, ministry can take precedence even when it shouldn’t. Recently I had to make a decision about a ministry commitment and being where my family needed me. (Need may be a strong word. They would have been ok without me.) The right choice was family. These precious people God put in my life had to take priority over the ministry commitment. The great thing was that no one questioned my decision. I thought I would be letting people down and disappointing people but that didn’t happen. When they knew the need they encouraged me to be with my family.

My two big take-aways: 1) Ministry does not have to come first. The people in our lives, our families, need to come before ministry (that’s a big statement from the single girl). 2) When we open up about the “stuff” happening in our lives, when we are vulnerable, people understand and will walk with us through the stuff.

Obviously the Lord and I are still walking through this… What are your thoughts on the priority of ministry?

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