Training or Retreating with Student Leaders

As the fall quickly approaches and it’s time to get our leaders back on campus and get planning and training under way, which do you prefer a time of training or a retreat?

For years, our leadership training time took place at Collegiate Week which was wonderful. My students were digging into the Word, meeting other student leaders, gaining ideas, and planning for the upcoming year. We trained and retreated at the same time. Plus the 20 plus hour drive out was great for bonding!

Another year we brought the leaders back to campus early in the fall and had a place for training while they moved in early to their residence halls. Meals and training were together but that was it. That year the leaders never really became a unit they functioned well and accomplished their tasks but they weren’t a family.

Depending on the location of your ministry, budget funds, and resources you may not have a choice about training leaders or retreating with your leaders.

If I have a choice, I want to retreat with my leaders! To have time to prepare meals together, to laugh on the beach or a hike, and to travel at least an hour for road-trip-bonding. Remember, that’s my preference but hasn’t always happen and won’t always happen.

As a ministry leader or student leader what do you prefer?

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