It Really Is Glorious

I don’t know about you but this past week was packed with orientation and meeting new students and my next few are full of planning, purchasing, organizing, and preparing for students to arrive. Summers in college ministry are a little strange since we have some down time but really we are also planning for the craziest part of the year… FALL!

As I dug into scripture, over the weekend, and took my crazy to the Lord I was reminded of exactly why we do these things called discipleship and college ministry. In 1 Timothy, Paul writes about the GLORIOUS good news of the gospel. That word “glorious” caught my heart. Glorious is defined as delightful, wonderful, and completely enjoyable. That is the good news of Jesus and gospel we get to share. No matter how many details fall through cracks or t-shirts don’t get ordered the reality is that sharing the gospel of Jesus is my calling. If any of us lose sight of that we lose sight of what discipleship is about.

As the details of the fall get overwhelming and as vacation comes to an end, may each of us press into the Lord. May we know the glorious good news even better so our ministries and discipleship of the gospel overflows from our lives.

I would highly encourage you to spend some time in 1 Timothy 1 today and let your heart be encouraged!

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