Being Community

Beth and girls


Community is a word we use so much but do we really experience it? When life gets difficult and things aren’t going our way do we reach out to those in our faith family and biblical communities? For college students this can be really hard since they are away from home and finding those people in a period of transition.

Recently I have been on crutches and as a very independent person I did not want to ask for help. Living alone made me ask… I needed help getting through the airport, going to the grocery store, even getting from my car to the office. I felt totally helpless!

A sweet student and friend serving overseas this summer reminded me that part of being in community is asking for help. Another friend looked at me and said, “Beth you have community everywhere, you just have to ask and let them know you need help.” These two humbled me and put me in my place.

So, do you have community? Do have people that you can ask for help? Are you willing to ask?

Jesus made so clear that each of us have various roles within the Body of Christ in 1 Corinthians 12:12-31. Within the Body we can serve each other and help each other in ways designed by God.

Is there someone in your community that needs your gifts and talents in their life today?

What if we really take this Body of Christ seriously and work together to care for each, advance the gospel, and love as Jesus loved?


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