Wise Voices or Empty Words?


You know those wise voices in your world? The ones that you don’t always listen to but in the end you know you should.

Today I was reminded of a time when my head and heart were so set on something I wouldn’t listen to anyone. My spirit was unsettled about the decisions but I wasn’t backing down. Until, one wise voice spoke out above the others. This voice spoke directly to my fear and to one element I could not control.

I wouldn’t say that fear is what is stopped me but wisdom that came from this person. Honestly, he may not even know the impact his words had in my life. He spoke truth to my heart and in doing so pointed me back to where I needed to be.

Could God have used my stubbornness and the decisions that would have come out of it? Yes, but it would not have been his best.

So the challenge the Lord gave my heart this morning is, do I speak truth into the lives of others or just empty words? And do I listen with discernment when others speak into my life?

The more time I am rooted in the Word and in Jesus the more I can do both of those things!

John 15:1-17

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