Some Day’s You Just Need a Hug…


By definition a hug is “to clasp tightly in the arms, especially with affection; embrace.” But a hug is so much more than that. A hug says, “I’m here. I’m standing with you. I may not have the answer but Ill stand with you while you wait. I believe in you. You are stronger than you think. I’m cheering you on, no matter what. I’m here, right beside you, let’s take this on together.”

In college ministry, there are times we stand in the gap with students, we may even act a surrogate parent. In those moments a hug from us, as their college minister, can mean the world. Today, one of my girls was having a my-world-is-falling-apart kind of day. My hug wasn’t magic but meeting her on campus for a five min conversation and hug seemed to let her breathe a little easier.

Today I got to be there but too often I’m not or I just miss the chance to give a hug. Oh Father, may you make us ever so aware of those moments our worlds need to stop so we can hug a student and stand in the gap with them even if for only a moment.

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