Learning to Drink Coffee


Mentoring is like a good cup of coffee!

For the longest time I didn’t drink coffee but once I knew I was in college ministry for life I decided I should learn how to appreciate a simply cup of coffee. My roommates loved it and couldn’t function with it out it, so then, who better to teach me?

One of the my roommates got me drinking frappuccino’s, then iced mochas, then mochas, and finally a cup of coffee brewed in a  coffee pot.  It was a process that took a while and more importantly took patients on her part.

I was reminded of this as I fixed a small cup coffee for one of my girls yesterday. She didn’t like it but was willing to sip as we talked. She may never like coffee but the process reminds me of mentoring. When we mentor someone or are mentored by someone they take time to help us grow, to mature, and be more like Christ. No, drinking coffee does not make me like Christ but in the process I had new experiences and grew in so many ways.

Mentoring takes time, it takes patients, and someone willing to walk the long road with us.

Are you willing to be mentored? Are you willing to mentor someone in your world?

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