Cooking in Kodiak

cooking in Kodiak

While on a mission trip to Kodiak, Alaska I had an interesting experience with my girls. The cook’s plane had been delayed so the ladies and I got in the kitchen and began cooking and baking. We were laughing and having a great time when one of them looked over and said, “Beth, you are preparing us for our Mrs. degree!”

I had to laugh because the girls saw ME as preparing them for marriage one day. I’m not married! How funny that when we live life with people and do discipleship as we go, God uses us in ways we can’t imagine.

The Lord was whispering to my heart, that he could use me to prepare college women for life as Christ-followers, who are married or single, as they see my life (which is not perfect or even close). As I pursue the Lord and live life with my girls, they see how to follow him in the good and the bad. Whether it’s cooking and baking, having intentional conversations, being vulnerable with sin, or simply laughing at something silly we can point each other to Christ.

Paul challenged the church at Corinth to “follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ (I Cor. 11:1).” Even if it’s towards a “Mrs. degree” or Christ-likeness we should be living lives that point those around us to Christ in a way that can be lived out in all walks of life.

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