A New Creation

I have spent the last 4 hours sitting in the same place in our university center. Some of my students have come and gone for meetings, conversations, and lunch. Throughout this time one student’s voice has been heard above the crowd. He is dressed in a suit, carrying a backpack, has hovered over the same set of tables, and talked to everyone who has passed by him. However, he is argumentative, brash, rude, and has picks fights with most of the people he has encountered.
When you first see this student, you would think he was a professor, grad student, or major student leader on campus. I am starting to think he just thinks a lot of himself and his opinions. Then I had to ask myself, “What could this kid accomplish for Christ if he used his voice, influences, and personality for God?” Honestly, I have rolled my eyes, shaken my head, and wished he would leave for the past 4 hours. Instead, I should be praying for him, trying to talk to him, and figuring out how to share truth with him.
How often do I overlook a student who I think is annoying, instead of seeing the value and influence they could have for the kingdom of God? How often do all of us, simply want to invest in and gather students who are “like us?”
Today my heart has been convicted to see each student through the eyes of God. I know we all say we do this but I realized today, that I don’t.
May this loud, over-bearing student become a new creation in Christ!
May the Lord change my critical and judgmental heart to be more like his!

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