Speaking a Blessing, a Promise, and a Truth:

Someone told me once, to put loads of scripture into my life and then just watch how God uses it. I didn’t doubt that God would use scripture in my life but I never realized how he would use it in the lives of others.

Christmas night my mom received a called from a young woman she had been helping. That night mom and I went to get her out of a really bad situation. Within 24 hours, this friend had decided to make some major life decisions that were “really going to suck!” As she prepared to take care of herself, mom and I drove her by the water, played songs about faith, and talked to her about the Lord.

Mom was the DJ in the front seat and made sure to play “In Christ Alone.” As we sang along, my sweet friend cried in the back seat. When the song was over, a small voice said, “I have never been anyone’s before; no one has ever loved me like that.” My friend is a Christ-follower who has heard from her family all of her life that Christianity is about her action and not her heart. She truly didn’t know that God loved her, had a plan for her life, calls her precious, dances over her with singing, and works all things for her good. She loves Jesus but didn’t understand his love for her.

My heart was broken… I loved how God brought all of the promises from scripture to mind and that I was able to share his truth with her. Because I had filled my life with scripture, I was able to share God’s sweet truth, promises, and blessings.

I am praying this friend will hide God’s word in her heart as she spends the next 90 days focusing on herself and getting better. She asked mom, “Do you see any good in me?” Mom said, “Yes, but let me tell you what God sees in you…”

God is at work in my sweet friend’s life and I have had a front row seat!

God is challenging me to hide more and more of his word in my heart. Psalms 119:11 says “thy word have I hide in my heart that I might not sin against thee.” May each of us fill our lives with scripture and watch how God gets the glory!

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