Salsa vs. Queso:

Caretta’s in a restaurant in town where a group of my college girls and I used to go. One night we were waiting on the queso while eating chips and salsa and discussing life. Somehow, by the end of the meal we had decided the queso was irresistible and that it had to have a spiritual truth somewhere in it’s greatness! That night we decided that each of us can choose to have the salsa or can wait for the queso in life…

The analogy goes like this: When you sit down at the table free chips and salsa appear. They are great as an appetizer and a snack on while in conversation. But the good stuff is the queso. However, you have to order, wait, and pay for the queso. In life there are things that are good and that God allows us to have but there are things that are better that we wait for and pay for in some manner. In life, we as Christians, need to ask God for the queso and not just settle for the salsa. Salsa is not bad but there is something better!

Throughout college, my BCM director would constantly remind us that we had to choose between what was good and what was best. In my words, we have to choose between the queso and the salsa!

Romans 12:1-2 shows that there is a price and a process to offering ourselves as a living sacrifice to God. As we work towards being transformed, we see God’s good, pleasing, and perfect will. As we strive to be more like God, we will find the queso in life, but we have to wait and work towards it! Will you settle for the salsa when the queso is just a little bit further down the road? I promise you, it’s worth the wait!

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