Mighty Triumphs

Tonight I was reminded of one of my childhood hero’s. Her name was Dovie and we met in the nursing home where she and my great-grandmother both lived. Dovie had arthritis so badly that she couldn’t move any of her body. When we met she didn’t move, talk, or smile because of the pain. After a few years a beautiful friendship developed between an elementary school child and 80+ year old woman. Eventually Dovie would raise her hand a little, wave her fingers a few centimeters, and would even whisper “good-bye Monkey” as I would leave each night after dinner. Those are precious memories that still bring tears to my eyes.

I was reminded of Dovie today as I struggled with an internal issue. I so desperately want to do something, to move, to be who I know I have the potential to be in Christ, yet based on certain circumstances I felt constricted. I can only imagine how Dovie felt, maybe she wanted to play cards with us, to carry on a conversation, to laugh and smile but her body wouldn’t let her. Even in her condition, Dovie worked diligently to be able to raise her hand and whisper.

The question I have to ask myself is “am I willing to work diligently despite my circumstances?” In Isaiah 43 God reminds his people, that he is with them through the fire, through the waters, and through every circumstance. God calls his people “precious and honored.” God sees my potential and your potential, he also knows the circumstances and has allowed the circumstances to be present in our lives. By leaning on God’s promises we can reach our potential in Christ, we can move our hands a few inches despite the pain and our circumstances.

Are there circumstances you feel constricted by in your life? Can you find a small victory, that moment when you wave your fingers for the first time or find enough of your voice to whisper? Sometimes the little things in our eyes are mighty triumph in God’s plan!

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