Coke Zero with lime, lemon, raspberry, orange, or…

Saturday morning I was meeting a student for breakfast and we ended up at Wendy’s. After ordering, I went to get my drink, where I was overwhelmed by all the options! The new fancy drink machine has hundreds of options and all I wanted was plain Coke Zero.

This got me thinking, about all the choices we have in life. As young adults, we get to make decisions about jobs, types relationships, to cheer for football or roller derby, and what brand of coffee to drink. Choices are everywhere around us!

However, as Christians our choices are bigger than what we want or what we like. Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 10:31 “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” That means, my choice of drink, job, relationships, and team to cheer for should be done in such a way that brings glory to God.

This idea of choices has challenged me to make sure that I am doing everything to God’s glory and not my own. Can I really drink a Coke Zero to the glory of God? Can I make my relationships with family, friends, and others to the glory of God? Can I make my job, hobby’s, and life about the glory of God? If I couldn’t God wouldn’t have commanded it in Scripture. So, the answers is YES I can and so can you! 

What is a choice in your life that you could make to the glory of God? Maybe there is one thing that you do for your own glory that a change of motive or heart could become about God? Making every aspect about the glory of God is not easy but starting with one choice is where we all begin. May each of our lives be lived for His glory and not our own!

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